Sensei Matt Moller

Sensei Matt Moller

Sensei Matt Moller

Sensei Matthew Moller, Godan, was introduced to Jujutsu in 1991 by O’Sensei Harold Brosious, Shosha, Ketsugo Jujutsu.  Soon after, Prof. Brosious relocated and Sensei Dan Roufberg, Nidan Danzan Ryu Jujutsu, became Matt’s instructor.  Sensei Roufberg then introduced Matt to his instructor Professor Kevin Colton, Rokudan under whom Matt trained for 14 years - earning his Yondan in October 2004. 

In September 2015, Matt earned his Godan from Professor Robert Hudson, Kudan.  Matt is a graduate of Professor Tony Janovich’s, Judan - Kodenkan Jujutsu Okugi class of 2003 where he received his Kaidensho and title of Renshi. He has been training under Professor Robert Hudson, Kudan, Dai Shihan Danzan Ryu Jujutsu since March 2006, and was uchi-deshi from 1/2009 to 5/2011.  Matt began his formal study of The AJJF DZRSI Healing Arts in 1994 under Professor Hudson, has completed all the training modules, is providing DZRSI Restorative Therapy professionally at Advanced Bodywork Therapeutics, and is an instructor in the DZRSI program. 

He is: currently serving The AJJF as Chair of Fundraising & Initiatives, has served as the Marketing Chair, is a member of the Instructor Development Team, is certified as a Black Belt Rank Examiner; and is Sensei of the Mu Kan Ken dojo located in Mesa, AZ. where he recently promoted the following students to the rank of Shodan.


Chaira, Moller, Williams

Sensei Matt Moller with Zachary Chaira and Justin Williams




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