The following are some highlights of the videos that are available on the YouTube channel "profarrington". This channel contains many Danzan-Ryu, as well as some other stuff. More multimedia will be added over time.  Please check back often.

Enjoy! - Prof. George Arrington
Jujutsu Shoden
Jujutsu Shoden DVD

Danzan History
A series of videos about Danzan-Ryu history, traditions, etc.


Danzan Documents
A variety of videos about Danzan-Ryu documents.

The 1948 Kaidensho. 

What was the Professor's name?


The Rank Four Certificate of Steven J. Byzek

Using the JWP (Japanese Word Processor) to illustrate some Japanese language related to Danzan-Ryu.

Danzan-Ryu and Kodenkan

Danzan-Ryu Shoden

Danzan-Ryu Chuden

Danzan-Ryu Advanced Boards

Miscellaneous Videos

Quick Rope Handcuffs

Mike and Steve Belzer Kata Competition
Performed at the 2009 Summer Slam, this was the first time they had competed in more than 25 years.

Clive and Mike perform a combination technique

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