Tammy Webb

Tammy Webb after receiving her Shodan from Profs. Kufferath and Janovich on Dec 18, 1997

Tammy Webb started training under professors in late 1984, worked her way to Ikkyu, first brown in early 1989, then ceased her training for a few years. She returned to her training in June 1996. A year and a half later was able to test for Shodan. She performed excellently on her test, scoring one of the highest if not the highest on a black belt test in the last 15 years, scoring 707 points out of 770 points.

Tammy Webb throwing Clive Guth with Kin Katsugi as Profs. Janovich and Kufferath look on.

Prof. Kufferath commented that Tammy did very well, as she performed all techniques from Yawara, Nage, Shime, Oku, Kiai No Maki, Shinnin No Maki. She also was required to perform punch and kick defenses and a three man attack at the end of the test. In this test she was attacked continuously by three men until told to stop.

Tammy Webb receives her black belt from Professor Sig Kufferath.

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