Timothy J. Lynch,
Prof. Timothy Lynch

Prof. Timothy Lynch, along with his twin brother Michael Lynch (deceased), established the School of Ancient Martial Arts during the 1970’s in Southern California.  The school relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1992 and was in operation there until 2002, upon the passing of Prof Michael Lynch.

In 1997, when Prof. Timothy Lynch relocated to the east coast, he established the Tora Kai Academy of Martial Arts in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area, at the same time assuming the position of technical advisor and Senior Master Instructor of the Chimar Academy of Tang Soo DO in the same region.

Prof. Timothy Lynch started his martial arts training in 1960 with the study of Kodokan Judo and Kawaishi Ryu Jujutsu, eventually studying Danzan Ryu Jujutsu under the tutelage of Prof. David Bellman and the late Prof. Tony Muran (a disciple of Prof. Okazaki).  Upon his relocation to Northern California in 1980, Prof. Lynch continued his study of Danzan Ryu and Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu under Dr. Tyron Crimi.

Prof. Lynch now resides in Pennsylvania and continues to teach the martial arts.  He holds a 9th Degree Black Belt in Jujutsu, a 9th Degree Black Belt in Mah Kawai Karate (TSD), a 5th degree Black Belt in Kempo Jujutsu, and a 5th Degree Black Belt in Kombatan Arnis, and is a former member of the United States Jujitsu Team.  Prof. Lynch has been inducted into several martial arts “Halls of Fame” and is an “International” Master police defensive tactics/impact weapons and less-lethal devices Instructor and has trained thousands of law enforcement, security, corrections, and military personnel throughout the world over the past 30 plus years and is a court-certified “Use of Force” Expert.   His law enforcement career spans nearly four decades.

Prof.Tim Lynch passed away on December 15,2019.

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Prof. Timothy Lynch and Dr. T. Crimi

Prof. Timothy Lynch and Dr. T. Crimi

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