Russ St. Hilaire

Russell St. Hilaire 
110 Englewood Ave 
West Hartford, CT 06110 

Kobukai Ju-Jitsu 
1456 Berlin Tpke 
Berlin, CT 


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Tanaka - Okazaki - Ray Law - Duke Moore - Jerry Kunzman - Daniel Ustie Russ St. Hilaire (ZenBudo) 

Tanaka - Okazaki - Lono Ancho/Sig Kufferath - Doug Kiehl Russ St. Hilaire. (Danzan) 

Takeda Yamada Lovret - Leavens - Russ St. Hilaire (Aikijutsu) 

Maeda Gracie Russ St. Hilaire (BJJ) 

Began studies in 1980 

Ranked 3rd dan Danzan-Ryu; 5th Dan ZenBudo-Ryu; Certified Okazaki Restoration Therapist; Yamate-Ryu Aikijutsu; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Philosopy of Jujutsu - As in life, we all begin very intensly. As we progress, we understand the violence. As we progress further, understanding of the voilent leads to understanding of peace. Only through the initial understanding of the violence of Jujutsu can you become gentle. Jujutsu should still be taught the old way. Concern for the amount of students, the size of your school, trophies and belts should be low in importance. Graduating 4 or 5 instructors who have full transmission of knowledge and are of the highest technical and teaching ability is far better than graduating 50 who pass on a mediocre version of the art. Understanding your art deeply is a necessity, and much study must be done out of class as well as in.

Russ St. Hilaire at the Kodenkan Retreat Weekend in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

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