Leonard Pesheck

Sensei Leonard Pesheck in the dojo.

Sensei Leonard Pesheck began studying Kosen Ju Jitsu in Jan. 1985 in Minneapolis under Sensei Ronald Peterson (7th Dan) in the National Combat Ju Jitsu Association and received Ikkyu before his move to Washington, DC in 1991.  Leonard studied Danzan Ryu with Professor George Arrington for seven years and received his Nidan in February 1996. He also received Seifukujitsu certification from Professors Sig Kufferauth and Tony Janovich.  Due to work changes he relocated to the Midwest in 1998.  Since the move he has trained with Professor Maureen Browne and John Gussman and most recently was promoted to Yondan in May 2005.   He is currently associated with Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai. Since his current employer has him traveling, a lot, he tries to find local dojos to visit and get in a goodworkout.  He also helps coach his two sons, Connor and Joe, in their Judo studies


Sensei Pesheck can be reached at his e-mail: lpesheck@gmail.com.

Other photos of Leonard Pesheck

Leonard Pesheck (far right) at a Restoration seminar in Pennsylvania. Also pictured are George Arrington, Lono Anch and Dwight Needham.

Leonard Pesheck (2nd from right) after receiving his Sandan promotion in Chicago. Also pictured are John Gussman, Maureen Browne, and Robert Krull.

Photo of the 2000 Pat Browne Memorial Convention held in Chicago where Leonard Pesheck (middle row, 4th from right) received his Sandan promotion. Instructors in the center include John Gussman, Tom Ball, Maureen Browne and Robert Krull.

Leonard and Chris Pesheck's new son Connor.

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