Mark Wald

Sensei Mark Wald at the 1996 Ohana in Santa Clara, CA

Sensei Mark Wald began Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as a youngster in 1964 with Bill Randle at the Santa Monica YMCA. He studied Shotokan Karate (1968-73) & Kempo (1973) during his teen years. He continued his Danzan Ryu Jujitsu training with Jim Marcinkus at Penmar Jujitsu Kai. He received his Shodan, February 16, 1975 (AJJF) from Jim Marcinkus. Nidan, 1977 (AJJF); Sandan, June 1, 1991 (SCJA); Yodan & Instructor of Jujitsu, September 5, 1997 (Jujitsu America); Yodan Senior Instructor, April 24, 1996(ATAMA).

Upon moving to Orange County in 1976, Mark opened Sandleback Jujitsu Kai in his garage. Here he trained a group of enthusiastic youngsters for a number of years. Later one of these former students progressed to Blackbelt with Shoshin Ryu. Later upon returning to the Westside Area, he was involved in the running the local jujitsu organization, Southern California Jujitsu Association. He acted as SCJA Black Belt Registrar 1988-89.

In expanding his martial arts knowledge, in the mid 198 Os, he became involved with Professor Mike Belzer's Friday Night Jujitsu Class at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, Marina Del Rey, CA. Here he was introduced to Cement Jujitsu, Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, & Filipino Martial Arts through Prof. Mike Belzer's teachings. He studied two years with Cliff Stewart and his Within Arms Reach Svstem (W.A.R.). He has studied Small Circle Jujitsu with Prof. Wally Jay and attended many martial art seminars & camps.

In 1996 he began a Jujitsu class at the West L.A.P.D. station as part of their "Jeopardy Program". Jeopardy Jujitsu through his volunteer work and the help of many fine assistants has developed into an active junior program with about thirty-five students and a small interested adult class. Mark developed & directed "Camp Yama Bushi", a Martial Arts Camp in the mountains of Big Bear (1996-7). To continue to expand his martial arts knowledge Mark has been studying BKF Kenpo with Master Robert Temple.

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