Professor Michael Esmailzadeh

Professor Mike Esmailzadeh is the head instructor of Suigetsukan. He holds the following ranks and licenses:

Shichidan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
Kyoshi in Toyama-ryu Battodo
Rokudan in Toyama-ryu Battodo  
Godan in Aikido.

(See complete rank list below)

He has been actively involved in martial arts since 1976. Mike was born in Germany, and immigrated to the US at the age of 12. Months after arriving in the United States, he began learning Jujitsu under Professor David Bellman. Other Jujitsu Professors, who instrumental to his education, are Prof. Tony Muran, Prof. Tim Lynch, Prof. Dom and Helen Carollo. He is equally grateful for the many years of Aikido and Toyama Ryu Battodo instruction he received from Obata Kaiso in those arts. Michael Esmailzadeh is also thankful for having studied the Inayan system of Eskrima under the direction of Mangisursuro Mike Inay, Suro Jason Inay and Masirib Guro Jena Inay. He also wants to thank Shihan Russ Rhodes for the teachings he has provided in that system.

Mike has also trained in a variety of other martial arts/sports, including fencing, wrestling and Iaido. He trained and taught within the Chinese Gung Fu schools of Tai Mantis (Kam Yuen) and Wu Tang (Jason Tsou). He is currently continuing his education in Chinese Martial Arts by studying Bagua Zhang under Maija Soderholm.

In 1990 he left Los Angeles for Oakland, and founded the Suigetsukan Dojo. Suigetsukan now consists of 1700 sq./ft of mat space, and living quarters for Mike and five others. Mike currently teaches Toyama Ryu Battodo, Aikido and Jujitsu. He also co-teaches women's self-defense classes.

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Ranks Earned by Michael Esmailzadeh

Danzan Ryu

Kilohana  Professor  8/22/2009
Kilohana Shichidan  11/21/2009
Kilohana  Rokudan  8/17/2002
Kilohana Godan  7/24/1999
Yudansha Kai Godan/ Professor 2/14/1997
Yudansha Kai  Yondan  4/24/1991
Yudansha Kai Sandan  ~2/1988
Yudansha Kai Nidan  2/1985
SCJA Shodan  12/6/1981
Start date ~11/9/1976


Obata Kaiso Godan  3/11/2001
Obata Kaiso Yondan  6/4/1996
Obata Kaiso Sandan  3/25/1994
Obata Kaiso Nidan  2/13/1992
Obata Kaiso Shodan  8/8/1991

Toyama Ryu

USA Battodo Assn. Kyoshi  10/20/1996
USA Battodo Assn. Renshi  10/20/1994
USA Battodo Assn. Rokudan  11/20/2001
USA Battodo Assn. Godan  10/20/1996
USA Battodo Assn. Yondan  5/10/1994
USA Battodo Assn. Sandan  2/13/1992
USA Battodo Assn. Nidan  8/8/1991
USA Battodo Assn. Shodan  5/15/1990

ISF Teaching License Shihan  5/10/2005
ISF Teaching License Kyoshi  4/2/1996
ISF Teaching License Renshi  2/13/1992
ISF Teaching License Shidoin  5/10/1990
ISF Teaching License Shin-e 5/10/2005
ISF Teaching License Toku-e 4/2/1996
ISF Teaching License Ji-e 5/10/1994
ISF Teaching License Ren-e  10/20/1992
ISF Teaching License Hyaku-e 8/5/1991

Eskrima/ Kadena de Mano

ITO/ Jason Inay Level 5  10/12/2000 Not renewed

Pictures of Professor Michael Esmailzadeh

Professor Michael Esmailzadeh Professor Michael Esmailzadeh
Professor Michael Esmailzadeh
Professor Michael Esmailzadeh
Professor Michael Esmailzadeh
Professor Michael Esmailzadeh

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