Steven J. McLaughlin

Sensei Steven J. McLaughlin in his SCUBA gear.

Sensei Steven J. McLaughlin (3rd Degree BlackBelt DanZan Ryu), has studied martial arts since 1971. He studied JuJitsu and related subjects under Prof. LaGue, Prof. Fisher, and Prof. Estes while residing at the Bushidokan in Sparks, Nevada for 22 years. He was a Senior Instructor at the Bushidokan for 15 years, before moving to Hawaii in 1993. There is introduced DanZan Ryu JuJitsu to one of the largest schools of Karate and it is now part of the curriculum there. His own school, the Hawaii JuJitsu KoDenKai has been appointed the AAU representative school for Hawaii, and is the first martial arts dojo of any kind from Hawaii to have it's own Web Page on the internet.

He has innovated an advanced course of underwater and astronautic techniques used by NASA and military Special Forces. His "BodyGuarD" courses have been a standard of training in Nevada for Bodyguards and professionals in Personal Security. He has helped prepare judging courses for JuJitsu as an Olympic event. Sensei McLaughlin was appointed as the Hawaii A.A.U. JuJitsu Chairman in 1994. He has earned Black Belts in Aiki-Jitsu, Karate, Judo, and has been involved in Golden Gloves Boxing.

Voted "The Most Innovative JuJitsu School in the USA" Sensei McLaughlin offers ongoing classes in UnderWater JuJitsu (Mizu Jitsu), Hula / JuJitsu Integration Courses, Hospital Approved Self-Protection Courses, Women's Self-Defense, Restorative Massage and Ki Healing Classes, and Lately a Community College approved Martial Arts Movie Appreciation and Critique Classes that are hosted by visiting Professors of Martial Arts and University of Hawaii / Community College Instructors.

Sensei McLaughlin has a degree in Computer Graphics & Design, and runs a large Sign business on Oahu. His "That Computer Guy" computer tutoring business in currently undergoing franchising. He is also a Certified and Bonded Locksmith, Gunsmith, and Knife maker. His books, articles and courses on Fire-arms, Edged Weapons (Knife Throwing / Knife Fighting), and Computers are well known among professionals. He is retired from the Personal Security industry.

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