Dave Martin

Dave Martin apply an arresting technique.

Dave Martin applying a police arresting technique.

Dave Martin was born in Vallejo , California , on January 1, 1942.  He enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1959.  His first foray into martial arts was judo in England in 1960; however, a cracked rib suspended his studies.

Later, while attending the College of the Redwoods, Martin studied judo and jujitsu under Prof. Ben Patterson.  He earned a brown belt in judo and a green belt in jujitsu, and began to assist with teaching. 

In 1968, Martin joined the California Highway Police, and was assigned to Barstow .  There he organized the Barstow Judo And Jujitsu Club, which eventually became the 10th largest judo club in the USJA.  With other clubs from military bases in the area, they formed the High Desert Judo League.  During this period, Prof. Patterson promoted Martin to shodan in jujitsu. 

Martin moved to Salinas in 1971 or '72. There he formed the Tanima Arashi Dojo (Valley Storm -- Martin always liked the art Yama Arashi, but had no mountain available). Upon completing his college degree, Martin obtained a California teaching crediential.  He began teaching Police Tactics through the Monterey Penn. College .  He taught members of the Army, State Park Rangers, and many area police departments.  He also taught a jujitsu class at Hartnell College in Salinas .  

A change in state funding ended many college programs, including Martin's.  He left his jujitsu club to an AJJF instructor named Vern Brecky, and transferred to Sacramento .

In Sacramento , he continued teaching Police Tactics to CHP officers and area police departments.  He was one of 19 officers selected statewide, and trained to teach the use of the side-handle police baton.  He had the honor of instructing a large portion of the CHP in its use, and was put in charge of instructor training for Northern California .  At this point, he formed an judo/jujitsu club, Kawa Michi Kai ( River City School ).  He traveled extensively throughout California and many other states instructing Police Tactics and his interpretation of Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu, which came to be known as "Godzilla-No-Kata."

The nickname "Godzilla-no-Kata" came about, because Martin's long police experience caused him to emphasize practical application of the arts, including pain-compliance.  Martin also believes randori (free practice against a resisting opponent) should form part of a student's training.  An example of Martin's philosphy regarding jujitsu may be found in his quote: "It doesn't have to be pretty; it just has to hurt."

In 1991, Martin injured his knee while on duty, and had to retire from the CHP.  During the 1990s, he was a campus police officer for the McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento , and he continued to teach Police Tactics to local officers.  He also taught Police Arts to AJJF black belts.

Martin now lives in Arizona , where he is an officer with the Department of Corrections.  He is listed as a nidan with the AJJF, and two other Danzan-Ryu organizations have recognized him as a sandan.  In the 1990s, he was recognized as a yondan by, and made technical director of, American Jujitsu Systems. (The latter organization, an off-shoot of the AJJF, is now defunct for administrative reasons.) 

He is currently on the Board of Professors of Goshin-Do Aiki-Jujutsu, a self-defense-oriented organization headed by current and former police and corrections officers trained in various styles of jujitsu, judo, aikido and karate.

Update: Dave Martin is retired from Arizona DOC, now living in Magalia Calif. near Chico. Received Yodan from Pacific Jujitsu Association this summer. Currently ranked Yodan in AJI. He stays active as a guest instructor at Chico Nibukikan and Chico Kodenkan.

Thanks to Jeff Slade for providing this information.


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