Professor Lamar Fisher

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Senior Professor Lamar Fisher, Judan of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation

Sr. Prof. Lamar Fisher is the highest ranking instructor of Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu in the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF). Prof. Fisher began his study of Jujutsu in 1948 under the instruction of the late Prof. Bud Estes.

Additional Images of Prof. Lamar Fisher


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This picture shows all four founders of the AJJF: John Cahill, Bud Estes, Ray Law and Richard Rickerts. Front (L to R): Abigail Cahill, John Cahill, Bud Estes, Richard Rickerts, Ray Law, Glenn Smith. Back (L to R): Lucille Estes, Lamar Fisher, Marie Law. The photo is circa 1959.


Lamar Fisher upon receving his Godan, 5th degree black belt and Professorship.


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Prof. Estes holds the poles as Prof. Lamar Fisher executes a torture stick escape.


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Here is Prof. William Morris speaking at the 1968 AJJF Convention Banquet about the history of the AJJF. He is flanked by Lamar Fisher (left) and Bud Estes and their wives.


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Prof. Estes looks on as Prof. Lamar Fisher teaches a technique at the Nibukikan dojo in Chico, CA.


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Instructors from the 1992 Ohana. Seated (L-R) Jack Wheat, Lamar Fisher, Imi Okazaki-Mullins, Sig Kufferath, Willy Cahill. Standing (L-R) Herb LaGue, James Musselman, John Congistre, Rory Rebmann, Pat Browne, Clyde Zimmerman, Tony Janovich, Jane Carr, Don Cross, Robert Hudson, Tom Jenkins, Tom Ball.


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Here is the AJJF board of Professors in 1993. From left: John Congistre, Tom Ball, Rory Rebmann, James Musselman, Tom Jenkins, Jane Carr, Don Cross, Pat Browne, Lamar Fisher.


Professor Lamar Fisher, Senior Professor & Judan, AJJF at the 1996 Ohana Celebration in Santa Clara, CA.

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