Prof. Herb LaGue

Prof. Herb LaGue after teaching a seminar in Virginia in 1998.

Sr. Professor Herb LaGue holds a Judan in the Bushidokan Federation and is the founder of Danzan Ryu Zenyo Bujitsu.

Prof. LaGue was born in Reno, NV on June 12, 1941. His father, James Burton LaGue started him off in boxing in 1950 and later taught him Jujutsu. Over the years, he studied Judo under Mack McIntosh, Aikido under Bill Cox as well as Savate and Ballet. (The latter art he credits for developing excellent footwork skills.)

In 1968, he began to study and teach Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu at the Sparks Judo and Jujitsu Club. At this time, the club was run by Larry Cary. Lague also trained in Judo with the French Judo teacher Pierre LaCarre at the Sparks club. LaGue attained his Shodan in 1970 under Prof. Bud Estes. Eventually, LaGue took over as Sensei of the Sparks club and in the early 1980's changed the dojo's name to the Bushidokan. He is the Senior Profesor of the Bushidokan Federation Black Belts.

Prof. LaGue summarizes his philosophy of Jujutsu in the following way: "Danzan-Ryu is a systematic way to eliminate fear through building self-confidence. This is accomplished by serving and healing others. Danzan-Ryu creates curiosity and stimulates one's natural inherent characteristics to explore and create. People are drawn to Danzan-Ryu by their natural survival instinct."

Prof. LaGue can be reached through his e-mail address:

Additional Images of Prof. Herb Lague

Prof. Herb LaGue preparing for and demonstrating a really high fall.

Prof. LaGue demonstrating how he offbalances his opponent prior to a throw.

Prof. LaGue executes a wrist lock with "nose and toes".

Prof. LaGue performs an intricate leg lock on his opponent.

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