Professor Imiko Okazaki-Mullins

Professor Louise Imiko Okazaki Mullins, youngest daughter of Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki, began training at home with her sisters Betty Wolf and Myrtle Oberman. Their father, Professor Okazaki, taught them jujitsu techniques, and under his direction, established a foundation of massage through many hours of practice (head, hands, and feet) with him as the "patient."

He also entered the three of them in a women's jujitsu class instructed by Iwalani Tanaka and Jackie Wong. In the early sixties, Betty, Myrtle and Professor Mullins were trained by Keiko Fukuda, the highest ranked female judoka in the Kodokan.

They continued teaching both Kodenkan and Kodokan techniques until 1970 when health reasons made "retirement" the reasonable thing for Professor Mullins. Betty and Myrtle continued teaching for several years after Professor Mullins' retirement. Then in 1993, because of Professor Clyde Zimmerman's encouragement and support, Professor Mullins came out of retirement and returned to teaching. In 1994, Professor Mullins was promoted to Godan and Professor by Shoshin Ryu. 

Imi passed away on Jan. 5, 2008 after complications fron surgery

Other Photos:

Prof. Imi throwing Bob Reish.


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