Prof. Gary Bowers

Prof. Gary Bowers, 8th Dan, in his Jinseikan dojo.

Prof. Gary Bowers was a direct student of Prof. Bud Estes and received his Shodan and Nidan in Kodenkan Jujitsu from him. He started studing Kodenkan with Martino Finch at Hagginwood Judo and Jujitsu Dojo, but Sensei Finch died prior to his receiving his first Kyu rank in the system. He had just returned from China and Japan where I had studied Tai Chi Chuan and Jinsei Kan Jujitsu since 1957.

After Sensei Finch died Mr. Robert Nelson and Mr. Nels Powell came out and took over the school. Sensei Powell left for Dental School and Mr. Nelson was transferred to Hawaii prior to Bowers receiving his Ikkyu in the Kodenkan System. He started teaching Jinsei Kan Jujitsu in Florin, CA and continued to study Kodenkan with Stephen Darrell Brace, Nidan and Prof. Bud Estes from whom he received his Shodan and Nidan.

Prof. Bowers studied Jinsei Kan Jujitsu and Tai Chi Chuan in Kowloon, China with Sifu Yoshi Chen and his wife. Yoshi was the son of a Chinese married to a Japanese Woman. He received his title of Sifu in Tai Chi and Yodan in Jujitsu prior to returning to the U.S.

Prof. Bowers notes, "The Kodenkan system was the only similar system that I found compatible with the systems I was teaching. I received my Godan in 1972 and my Rokudan in 1977 in Jinsei Kan Jujitsu. In 1996 I was asked to take over the Jinsei Kan system in the U.S., promoted to Hachidan and given the title of Senior Professor."

Prof. Bowers operates a dojo in Reno, NV and has students teaching in several locations. The address is:

Jinsei Kan
Prof. Gary G. Bowers, Sr.
1134 W. First Street
Reno Nv. 89503-5538

He has a website that can be reached at:

Personal Note: In the summer of 1976, I along with my training partner, Tom Goodnough, travelled by car from the east coast to California to take our Nidan and Shodan tests, respectively. Due to a lack of high ranks at my teacher's school in Los Angeles, Tom and I had to take our tests in Northern CA. During our stay there (about two weeks) we had the opportunity to stay with Prof. Bowers at his home in Folsom, CA. He was an extremely gracious host and made us both feel very welcome.

It was a pleasure to re-connect with Gary recently via the Internet.

- Ed.

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