Sensei Charles Frizzelle

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Sensei Chuck Frizzelle upon receiving his Shodan in December 1999.

Sensei Charles D. Frizzelle, Jr, DPA began his study of the martial arts in 1976. His initial discipline was Shotokan Karate and he was promoted to Blue Belt prior to beginning university studies. After graduation, the United States Air Force assigned him to Dayton Ohio where he began the study of Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu under Lono Ancho. Progressing quickly to Brown Belt, he continued to study the martial arts from Sensei Ancho and from Army Special Forces instructors. A series of military moves limited his study of the martial arts until his recent transfer to the DC area. Since 1998, he has studied with the Virginia Kodenkan, under Sensei George Arrington, and received his Shodan in Dec 1999.

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