Sensei Denise Gonzales

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Sensei Denise Gonzales began her Judo and Jujutsu training under Prof. Wally Jay in 1965. She received her Shodan in both arts in 1976. She currently holds a Sandan in Jujutsu and a Yodan in Judo.

Sensei Gonzales is the niece of Professor Antone Gonzales, a student of Prof. Okazaki. Like her uncle before her, Sensei Denise Gonzales has excelled in Judo competition, earning many championships. She received her dojo's "Most Outstanding Woman Judo Competitor" for four consecutive years and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1974. She recently won the Gold Medal in the Senior Masters division at the 1998 Judo Nationals in Chicago. She is also active in Sport Jujitsu and Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu competition.

Sensei Gonzales has instructed Judo and Jujutsu for Team Sacramento since 1991. She also practices Restoration Massage. She works as a paralegal in Sacramento.

Sensei Denise Gonzales at the 1998 Ohana convention in San Ramon, CA.

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