Sensei Bob Cavaleer

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Sensei Bob Cavaleer at the 52nd annual AJJF convention in Boise, ID.

Bob Cavaleer began his study of Jujitsu in 1980 under Profs Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich at their parks and recreation class in Santa Clara. In late 1981 he joined the dojo in Santa Clara and has since earned his 4th dan from the Professors. Bob graduated the 1993 Okugi class with the title of Renshi (Trainer). He was one of the principle demonstrators at the Okugi class. He has also trained in Karate and Aikido.

Bob recently moved to Sacramento after retiring as an engineer.

Bob Cavaleer at the 1993 Okugi class.(L) Bob, flanked by Profs. Kufferath and Janovich, after receiving his black belt. (R)


Bob Cavaleer at the Kodenkan dojo in Santa Clara, CA, 5/14/1999

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