Professor Clive Guth

Professor Clive Guth

Professor Clive Guth at the Kodenkan dojo in Santa Clara, CA, 2008.

Professor Clive Guth began his Jujutsu study under Professors Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich in 1981. He was one of only two students who started at the original Kodenkan in Santa Clara and who is still active today. Prof. Kufferath was always amazed at Clive’s blinding speed. After 24 years of hard training, study and teaching, he earned his 6th Dan. He graduated from the 1993 Okugi class with the title of Kyoshi (Instructor) and was one of the main technique demonstrators. He was also an assistant instructor at the 2003 Okugi, where he received the title of Shihan. Clive was awarded the title of Professor in 2005. In addition to Jujutsu, he has studied Aikido, Kempo, and Judo.

Prof. Guth is the Chief Instructor of the Santa Clara Kodenkan and is instrumental in the over seeing of all testing and rank promotions in the dojo. He is a fine instructor and a valuable asset to the Kodenkan.

Other pictures of Professor Clive Guth

Clive Guth receiving Ikkyu, 1984.

Clive Guth receives Ikkyu from Profs. Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich in 1984.

 Clive Guth Shodan Certificate

Shodan diploma of Clive Guth, December 15, 1985. This was the first black belt certificate issued together by Professors Sig Kufferath and Tony Janovich. 
(Note: The two hanko signature stamps used on this 1985 certificate, along with a larger Kodenkan school stamp, were originally created in Japan as a set and purchased by Prof. Janovich in 1978.)

Professor Clive Guth at a 1994 Jujutsu seminar in Virginia.

Clive taking his test for Shodan in 1985 with Profs. Kufferath and Janovich. Uke (left) is Russ Rhodes, white belt taking his blue belt test.

cguth99_1.jpg (10384 bytes)

Professor Guth applies a Kotemaki lock on Sensei Karen Panker.

cguth99_2.jpg (9757 bytes)

Professor Guth executes an armlock turnover during the execution of Hiki Tate Tori Shime. Uke is Sensei Karen Panker.

cguth99_3.jpg (6820 bytes)

Professor Guth applies a leg lock after a knee throw on Sensei Panker.

Professor Clive Guth

Clive Guth's Professor Cerificate (2005)

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