Bob Karnes

Bob Karnes

Prof. Bob Karnes

Robert (Bob) Karnes first visited the Bushidokan Dojo (then called Sparks Judo and Jujitsu) in 1973. "I was outside this big red building, with a high school classmate, as we walked inside I saw glowing planets and stars hanging from the black light lit ceiling in the stairway. On the mat there were two groups of people. One group doing hand escape arts and another group throwing each other. One person was sitting on the mat writing in a notebook. The thing that caught my attention the most was why was the person writing in the notebook it must be a special lesson".

After 9 years living in the southern California area Bob returned to live in the Reno, Sparks area in 1982. Bob got a job working in a State Locked psychiatric adult ward as a mental health technician. I had forgotten about Sparks Judo and Jujitsu Dojo but remembered the word Jujitsu. I needed to learn self defense to survive the violent job so I looked up in the newspaper for a Jujitsu class. Bob signed up in 1982 at the Sparks Recreation center and went to his first class with Ginny Kietzkie, Sensei Ikkyu 1st Brown belt. Our small School moved a few times then Bob was transferred to Herb LaGue, Sensei in 1985 at the rank of Nikyu 2nd brown belt to the Bushidokan Dojo. Bob was awarded the rank of Shodan 1st Black Belt in a promotion with 6 other Bushidokan Shodan's in 1986.

Bob was a co-Sensei with Suki LaGue,Sensei at the Bushidokan and also opened two other schools one in Montana and one in Cold Springs, Reno Nevada.

Bob has used the healing arts and martial arts of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in many jobs. 
Such as, mental health therapist, teenage boot camp counselor, a max security prison guard, events security guard, and as a massage therapist. 

Bob was awarded the title of Professor, Shichidan 7th Degree Black Belt, Shihan with the Bushidokan Federation in the art of DanZan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu in 2004 under Professor Herb LaGue, Shodai. 

Bob, a.k.a. Bobasan, currently holds the rank of Hachidan 8th Degree Black Belt.

Other photos:

Bob Karnes


Bob Tomoe

Bob Karnes throwing a Tomoe Nage.

Bob Flying Kick

Bob Karnes doing a flying kick.

Bob Monkey Art

Bob Karnes doing monkey climb from Saru Shime.

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