Professor Bill Beach

Professor Bill Beach (1928-2012) and the emblem of the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc.

Professor Bill Beach, Kudan, is Founder and Director of The Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc. It was incorporated February 1, 1971. He was born December 15, 1928 in Baxley, Georgia, USA.

History and Training

He began his martial arts training in 1950 with Professor Ray L. Law, disciple of Professor Henry S. Okazaki and co-founder of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation.

He continued his martial arts training in Hawaii through the courtesy of Professor Richard S. Takamoto, son-in law and student of Professor Henry S. Okazaki, as well as training on the mainland under various instructors, styles and systems. In 1960, he was appointed Southeastern Regional Director by the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation (AJJF). He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1962.

He organized the Kodenkan Karate Association in 1968 in eight states on the mainland. In 1971, he consolidated all of the activities of the Kodenkan Karate Association and the Southeastern region of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, including additional states in which the above activities existed at the time, and incorporated the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc. with the national headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida.

On November, 18, 1994, he retired from the position of safety officer with the Department of Public Utilities, City of Jacksonville, Florida.

Professor Beach was active in development, and special programs for the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc., including Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, Submission and Control, Loss Prevention and Risk Management for law enforcement officers and agencies.

Prof. Beach passed away on August 16, 2012.

Update from Prof. Stephen L. Barber - 8/17/2012

To All Who Knew Prof. Bill Beach:
It is with great sadness that I bring to you the news of the passing of Prof. Bill Beach.  Prof. Beach passed away peacefully in his sleep last night in the home of his niece, Cheryl.  She found him this morning when she went in to check on him and found him “asleep” in his bed.
For all who know his niece, Cheryl’s labor of love for her Uncle Bill has come to its end and she is to be commended for the long, faithful, and loving tender care she gave her Uncle Bill during his last days with us.  Knowing Prof. Beach’s faith in God, we all know he is doing sutemi on the streets paved in gold!!!
As soon as arrangements are made, I will communicate them to all.
In Ohana, Aloha!!
Prof. Stephen L. Barber
The Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, LLC

Martial Art Ranks

Special Achievements

Prof. Bill Beach and his brother Prof. William R. Beach at the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc. convention in Houston, TX on Nov. 2. 1997.

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