Prof. Carl Beaver - A Remembrance

by Prof. Herb Lague

Carl P. Beaver (July 27, 1921 - December 11, 1995)

Judan Professor Carl P. Beaver, SR. entered into rest on Friday, December 15, 1995.

All Danzan organizations sent consoling messages and flowers. Many students and teachers of Danzan attended. Representatives of Shoshin Ryu, AJI, AAU and AJJF attended. Danzan Ryu Professors attending, as known to this writer, were Roy Center, Mike Chubb, Carl Nelson, Lamar Fisher, Bill Fischer and myself. The spirit of Ohana permeated the services, Professors, Mike Chubb and Carl Nelson gave testimony to our mutual benefit of haven known Shihan Carl Beaver. His son and grandson also gave testimony to his spirit and dedication to family and Danzan.

At grave site, Professor Mike Chubb led us in performing the traditional Aloha bow.

The Beaver family held a post dinner that led to further memories and even more Ohana spirit. They demonstrated the greatness of strength that his spirit had imparted to them.

As to his spirit; Perhaps, sometime on Friday you heard the distant thud of a fall that I heard!? My momentary image was one of Okazaki giving Carl a congratulation and welcome throw, and I knew just then that there will be yet another spirit to over look our classes and give advise esoterically.

As to the man; Professor Tom Ball has stated it well, "I remember him as a humble, open, and sincere person, and counted him among my friends. He is an icon in the annals of Danzan Ryu history. I for one, will miss him.

To his spirit I say, "Mahalo, aloha."

Herb LaGue, DZR Professor

"Remember always parental love and one's enormous indebtedness to teachers."

From the Esoteric Principles of Danzan Ryu JuJitsu initiated by our founder,

H. Seishiro Okazaki
Judo Master
Director of the Kodenkan

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