Yawara is the first kata of Danzan-Ryū Jūjutsu and is translated as gentle or pliant. The kanji for Yawara is and is usually read as . This is the same character in Jūjutsu, Prof. Okazaki chose to use the hiragana (phoenetic syllable characters), so that the name of this list would be read as Yawara instead of Jū. In addition, Yawara is one of the earliest names used for Japanese unarmed combat.

This is the most important list of techniques in the entire system. After one learns the last list of the Danzan-Ryu Jūjutsu techniques, they will return back to Yawara. It is the most important list in the entire system.

An Interesting Note: All techniques from the Hawaiian art of Lua that are incorporated into Danzan-Ryu are found in five of the Yawara arts.

1. Katate Hazushi "A" Outside wrist grab release
2. Katate Hazushi "B" Cross wrist grab release
3. Ryōte Hazushi Double wrist grab release
4. Morote Hazushi Two hands on one wrist grab release
5. Yubi Tori Hazushi Finger grab escape
6. Momiji Hazushi Escape from a cross choke
7. Ryōeri Hazushi Front choke escape and follow-up
8. Yubi Tori Finger lock on sensitive third finger
9. Moro Yubi Tori All finger lock and come-along
10. Katate Tori Single wrist flex
11. Ryōte Tori Double wrist flex
12. Tekubi Tori "A" Wrist twist from an outside wrist grab
13. Tekubi Tori "B" Wrist flex from a cross wrist grab
14. Imon Tori Chest push defense
15. Ryōeri Tori Wristlock from a double lapel grab
16. Akushu Kote Tori Wrist flex from a handshake
17. Akushu Ude Tori Arm lock from a handshake
18. Akushu Kotemaki Tori Bent armlock takedown from a handshake
19. Kubi Nuki Shime Side headlock escape
20. Hagai Shime Full-nelson escape

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